Detox 60

Saturday, August 12, 2017

60 Day ad hox program for decluttering and detoxification of my life.  (Will Update Day by day in same post) There will be days in which only thing i have to do is smile all day and compliment people.

Day 1 - Hustle or die (11th Aug, 2017)
We humans identify our wants easily, we fail to identify what needs to be done to get that. Also there is maintenance, you need efforts to maintain what you have build. Instead of making list of goals, make list of efforts. Reverse engineer your goal, start with being a good human being and keep your karma clean.
Hustle or die.

Outcome - Identified what has to be done. Day was success.

Day 2 - Spam Control (12th Aug, 2017)
Today I will leave the whatsapp group that brings no joy to me, all those good morning good night groups that eat up the data and eat up the mind. I had 8 blogs, going to delete most of them. Will take time to 'mark as spam' to all mails that clutter my space.

Outcome - Did that in first 2 hours, and it will probably save my 15-20 mins daily, beside the time it will save me from the irritation. Success.

Day 3 - Hustle or die (13th Aug, 2017)
Marketing is what drives the business, today I will mail and address as many clients as I can, so as when they open their email on Monday, 1st mail is mine. 

Outcome - Tapped all I can via whatsapp. My fingers are paining writing emails. And I am very happy. I did a lot today.


Day 4 - Hustle or die (14th Aug, 2017)
When the purpose is drowning a man does not ask for dry clothes. Lets drown in work today leaving behind every thought that can bring slightest distraction.  14 hours non stop work. I don't care what emergency come out.

Outcome - Woke up at 5:30, 6 am i started working, I guess till 10pm I was on work. Did not waste more than half hr today.

Day 5 - Day Wasted (15th Aug, 2017)
Some useless memories clouded my mind, did nothing substantial, kinda wasted day.
Outcome - Did regular work, nothing great.

Day 6 - "Thank You." - Mr. O.C.D. (16th Aug, 2017)

Air, Water, Dust and leeches find there way, I own factories where furniture is manufactured. All 4 things create havoc for me. The plan is to stop the decay and loss by all 4 elements, will look again into cost sheet and areas of small losses, which are generally overlooked by me.



Day 7 -  (17th Aug, 2017)
A clean office table means a cluttered drawer. Lets open every drawer every section of the office and rearrange every thing. This means less clutter, more organisation, OCD gets a lot of stuff to eat, I will now know where the things are.

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