Angry Boss Syndrome

Friday, September 19, 2014

(Pic and article are unrelated, Manish sir is a nice guy)

Have you ever suffered from Angry Boss Syndrome? Let me define it first, and NO the term is not yet defined in any act, papers... Shit, I didn't even Google it and assumed that, thank gosh that it was not officially work related (My boss will be so  angry on my research related skills).

Definition and Symptoms :
As defined in each section (beside the sections, where directors sit) {there is always a bigger fish in the pond (but whales which are not in the pond but in the sea of-course)} Corporate Working Culture Hazard Act (excluding Marxist society where every individual is allegedly treated as equal... No sarcasm intended) Angry Boss Syndrome(ABS) is a temporary/long term disposition where the frustration generated because of the behavior of the boss is directed towards inter alia surrounding employees/pen/keyboard/calculator/cellphone/copier machine/breakfast/lunch/promotional call center folks (the list isn't exhaustive.)

You have a boss.

Origin and known Causes
The ABS originated with the inception of slavery aka institution of marriage. And at micro level its at peak while masters PMSes. There are usually no explainable reason/ rational/ modus operandi of boss getting angry. He might get angry on you because of:

External Factors, such as -
1. stock market crash,
2. slow Internet speed,
3. petrol price rise,
4. being banned,
5. his neighbour bought a new car; and/or

Internal Factors -
1. printer not working,
2. MS Outlook not working,
3. you marked him on a email or you didn't mark him on a email(either way ur gone),
4. because you did something, because you didn't do something, because you asked should you do it, because you didn't ask before you did it (try everything.. Lol... Anyways Ur screwed). and/or

Inherent Factor such as:
1. he is the god damn boss,
2. You suck donkey balls, instead of licking boss's ass.

ABS can happen to best and worst, and ya the average ones too. In short it can happen to anyone and everyone who has a job in corporate, or is married.

There is no known cure... You are on your own if you work in corporate.

Most people who are recovering from ABS will irrationally shout on walls/trees/soft toys. They can cry at bars after few drinks. While resignations are generally good, certain factors can contribute to poorer results that have little to do with anything. One study showed that mental status parameters or alcohol use yields much poorer overall results of treatment.

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