March to Mt. Abu (March 21st, 2008)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy : "wo dekho wo he road hai shayad..jaha se apan aaye hai"

Anang : "Shishir...shishir...shishir....le na kis liye haath me lia hai"

Shishir : "sportz mode pe hai na cam..??....aare kya khari zehar pic aayi hai"

Kapil Gu. : "khara zehar"

Anang : "khara zehar"

Zubin : "Bitter Poisen"

(Every body laughs, driver stops the car)

Kapil Gu. : "Wo dekho nadi ya jo bhi hai waha"

Zubin : "cam me aayegi he nahi"

Kapil Gu. : "apni aakho se to dekh sakte ho cam ro rahe ho"

- Way bac to Abu road from Mount Abu

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