I despatched showcases, somehow it got tagged with name of owner of the palace, instead of management. The Owner had no idea about it somehow, so he called the number on envelope .

Shishir : "Hello, this is Shishir from #### palace."

Me : "Hello Shishir from Kernig Krafts."

Shishir (after a pause of 2 seconds) : "Ya Shishir, so you are from Kernig Krafts. I have a problem, I received a parcel from your company, I didn't order anything."

Me : "Yes, sir. We have sent it to you, it was ordered by Mr. Dhawal, for you."

Shishir : "Oooh Dhawal kya... No but I don't know who is Dhawal. And may I also know your name?"

Me : "Sir its for the jewellery display you wanted to set up for the palace. And my name is Shishir."

Shishir : "Shishir.. Now it all makes sense. Nice talking to you Shishir; Nice name btw"

Vacation pe kaha? NY ya USA?

Went out with an overseas client & his acquaintance. This incident is funny and I can empathise with him, lets agree that we all try to be pretentious in some or the other way.

Guy : "I will have bourbon, mujhe bourbon ya wine he pasand hai Shishir Ji."

Me : "Jim Beam le aao sir k liye."

Guy : "Nahi Jim Beam nahi. Mmmmm... Burbon nahi hai kya. Accha, nahi hai to koi scotch le aana."

Me (bewildered at the profound discombobulation regarding a pin pointed choice) : "Scotch me koi preference."

Guy : "Nahi koi bhi chalegi scotch ya whiskey."

Mumbai Darshan

Life if not always smooth, at times its like a zig zag road, I was locked in my Chembur working late at 12:20am, was in mood of creating another Pearl Harbor or Bomb a bay; a Kala Ghoda was running my my mental Fort. I got pinged by my friend Pallavi... Aur mai uska Boisar kha gaya..HAHAHAHAHA (Evil Laugh)

Snippet only..

Pallavi : "Don't talk to me."

Me : "Why... the nation wants to know, janta jawaab chahti hai Malad."

Pallavi : "I said don't talk to me."

Me : "Mu Goregaon, aur dil kala, tera mujh se pada hai pala...Batana padega, aap hume Andheri me nahi rakh sakti."

Pallavi : "😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 Get out of my whatsapp"

Me : "Get out?? matlab jao?? tumne apne Churchgate se mujhe bahar nikal diya?"

Pallavi: "🐙"

Me : "To aab mai tumhare liye Nalasopara ka octopus hu? kehna kya chahti ho?"

Pallavi : "Nahi tu mere liye Bandra 🐵🐵🐵 hai."

Me : "Maine tumko PrabhaDevi samjha, tumne mujhe Bandra bana diya."

Pallavi : "😑😒😒😓😔😔"

Me : "Thane me band kar dunga tumko, maine bhi Ghatkopar ka paani piya hai. I always Vashi good for you, aur tumne mere dimag ka Dahisar kar diya hai...Itna kyu Khaar kha k baithi ho mujh pe...ek Lohkhandwala utha k Matunga, Mu ka Mulund ho jayega.. Chal aab Gussa thook k Kurla kar le.."

Pallavi : "Bhaikhala se pitwa dungi bakwass band kar de Shishirrrrrr..."

Me : "Tere Bha ka Saakinaka.."

Pallavi : "Block kar dungi..."

Me : "Block kar degi to tera Kalyaan nahi ho payega."


Image Source : (Thnx for this image, I love your work)

How to Get Discounts???

Buyer : "Dude there is any way I can get this chair for less than 14,000 rupees?"

Me : "Certainly...there is..."

Buyer : "How.. plz plz plzzz tell."

Me : "if I sell you a broken chair."

Buyer : "Bro... No jokes plz... tell me plz."

In my defence, he is a repeat customer and we are like friends...

Its My Life

This is what that is going on my life, my happy/ sad memories... At times Its what my mind muses and purges out as poetry when its not thinking anything what it is forced to think!!!


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