Goa me roz sun bhi set ho jaata hai!!!

Nandita our designer was making a console on the Egyptian theme. 

Nandita: "Dekho ye kaisa hai."

Me: "ye to set hai."

Nandita: "Nahi set nahi hua..."

Me: "I mean Horus and Set."

Nandita: "Horus kya?? abhi set karna hai."

Me: "Horus and Set are Egyptian Gods."

What The Fogg???

One of my very dear friend Ketan came to visit me, we were strolling in the market. Ketan was out to buy a charger.
I am an inquisitive guy, saw a small bottle, I always love mints and this was spray mint... took it and pumped in my mouth 3-4 times, without giving it a thought. The next thing that happened was my brain was fogged for like 5-6 seconds. My throat and tongue went bizarre and was yukky yukk feeling, I saw the label it said 'fogg'; I wondered when did fogg make a mint spray and that too with bat piss crazy taste.

I came out of the car puking and running to Ketan,

Me : "Ye kya spray mint k naam pe dhoka rakkha hai *******"

Ketan : "arre paga ho gaye ho kya... paaki piyo, ulti karo... "

WHAT THE FOGG.... The taste lasted for 3-4 hours at least.

The Making

I was all born a blank sheet,
I am what was filled,
All the forces were external,
All the resistance was me,

My wounds were tender,
The scratches are new,
But I’ve asked for a tougher back,
God has grasped the cue,

I could go ahead and whine,
Or claim what is mine,
The difference is attitude,
You may say that I’m rude,

I’ve just sowed the seeds,
Early for the fruits to ripe,
I have blood in my sweat,
Am not entitled enough for a wipe.
- Shishir


We have started our manufacturing unit of furniture back in 2015, we were very new to the business. We hired experienced managers.

Me(to the artisan): "ye puarana type ka finish karne k liye kya kar rahe ho?"

Artisan: "mari hui PP laga rahe hai."

Me: "I googled PP, it was potassium permanganate, they were mixing it with sugar. It changes chemical composition... they were calling it maari hui PP. I discussed it with my partner."

We went to a trade fair. A visitor was amazed by the antique finish. He inquired about the finish:

Visitor: "What do you do to attain this finish."

My Partner: "We kill the PP..."

Visitor: "Ooh... that's very cruel."

We all laughed.

My Partner: "Shishir ji... apan ko pehle dry run karna chahiye, first day hai..."

Some Things Never Change

We should always have a positive attitude towards life. But I guess we are born with some things and things never change. For example, I am that sorta guy who is easily exited and easily saddened; I will put my heart and soul to the things I am doing, and at times I regret it. But I can't help it, I cant determine the attention span required for a particular task and I tend to overdo with it.

On the same note one of my friend who always cribbed about how India is and how people here are, he deserves better people in life etc etc. I was always skeptic about his happiness and always advised that happiness is a journey and not a destination. I am kinda irked by his attitude,

That Guy In India: "bhai lagi padi he, aaj to aaisa hua na...Kya batau... Kab jaunga samajh nahi aa raha."

That Guy in Other Country: "bhai lagi padi he, maar diya gaya hai... Apne India jaisa nahi hai yaha."

However, it is easy to judge and difficult to understand the situation of that guy.

Its My Life

This is what that is going on my life, my happy/ sad memories... At times Its what my mind muses and purges out as poetry when its not thinking anything what it is forced to think!!!


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