Peeling Punny

Friday, February 02, 2024

As my group was en route to Kasauli, we made a pit stop at a hotel along the way... Party time..Obviously.

Prateek's friends, Krishn and Happy, joined us. Initially, the room consisted of myself, Happy, and Krishna. In those initial moments, a palpable awkward silence permeated the air, fueled by the unfamiliarity between us. Meanwhile, Krishn and Happy indulged in the fruits elegantly arranged on the table, further accentuating the quiet tension that hung in the room.

Krishna: “Tennu (छिलके) chilke de de du?”

Me: “De do, dustbin me fek data hu.”

Happy: “O Dass ra si Ki cheel k de du” (Shall I peel it for you.)

We laughed… and the rest of the night was epic.

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