Jokes On You

Sunday, November 06, 2022

It's more of a monologue coz this friend didn't respond at all, further proving my point.

Shashank: "aaye nahi aap aaj, we all waited, phone bhi nahi uthaye kisi k."

Me : "bhai kundali dikhane gaya tha. I told him aam atak rahe hai time pe nahi ho rahe hai, bina matlab k delay, and people are rude to me... his answer was a cosmic joke; he said bhaiya parso aa k kundali le jana... bro he had a straight face saying all this and didn't gave a damn... not tried to be empathetic."

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Its My Life

This is what that is going on my life, my happy/ sad memories... At times Its what my mind muses and purges out as poetry when its not thinking anything what it is forced to think!!!


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