April 1st,2009

Sunday, May 03, 2009

one of the hardest day of my life....my beloved Neeta auntie left us..alone :'(
whn ppl r with us we nvr evn think k they can leave us like this....i loved her a lot, but nvr got a chance to show my affection to her, she was damn caring, alwayz smiling.....i love to click pics a lot but mujhe kya pata tha ki auntie ki last time ki pics bhi mai he lunga.....aab to pics lena bhi accha nahi lagta sach batau to......mai ro bhi nahi saka sahi se :(
happy k yaha jate he my eyes still search for her...feels like ki koi sapna tha wo sab..
but we ought to accept wht life givs us...

My mumma's best frnd...
n my best frn's mumma...
Long Live Her Memories......
i love u auntie n i miss u vry much.....

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