I hate love stories

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whn i ws a child watchin movies ws a way to knw abt the world i dnt
liv in, it is a factor tht influenced my sub conscious mind the most
tht every story has a happy ending....Well as we knw tht its nt the
fact n life takes us at random. Nw at this point of time whn i m
experianced bad and its draggin bad forth i hate watchin love stories
as whn i wtch thm i feel sumthin wrng is happenin with me or i m wrong
or the story is a unreal shit....
Whteva the reason mayb  for the time i jst hate luv stories.......

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Its My Life

This is what that is going on my life, my happy/ sad memories... At times Its what my mind muses and purges out as poetry when its not thinking anything what it is forced to think!!!


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