Baba Ramdev is bigger(or of same size)Than Shahrukh khan.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1 - Shahrukh Khan owns a villa at a Island, Baba owns a island.

2 - Shahrukh's  net worth is 1500cr, Baba's assets alone worth 1100cr, brand value even more.

3 - Both are actors, but Baba is a natural actor and does not use a script.

4 - Baba manufactures n promote its product, Shahrukh promotes other's product, making him mere poster boy.  

5 - Both failed in Swadesh, but at the same time both were appreciated for the effort.

6 - One is winking other stuttering.

7 - Both wants to be in limelight always, no matter how.

8 - Most of the belongings of these two are fan given.

9 - Both are absurd at times, Baba  being bigger here also.

10 - Both are loved and hated by huge number. Anti people are as emphatic as supporters.

11 - Shahrukh controls a team with home ground Eden garden, Baba controls a team with home ground Ramleela Maidan.

12 - Last and the best one - 'My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist'      'I wear bhagwa but am not a BJP activist'

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4 Reactions

  1. Hahaha... Superb! Btw, Ramdev's home ground is Ramlila maidan not Jantar-mantar!

  2. 'My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist' 'I wear bhagwa but am not a BJP activist'
    if only for this line and this write up delivers a solid punch...
    its vitally writen..


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