Haunted Spirits from Long Island

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Went to Balsamand, Jodhpur with a friend

She - "Long Island Tea"

Me - "Me too"

(ordered, and waiter came back with two god knows what, something with coke and assorted alcohol, first gulp proved to be hideous)

Me - "What is this"

Waiter - "Long Island Tea, as you ordered"

Me - "No this ain't"

Waiter (holding menu card) - "See sir its prepared as written, 'cola, sprite' and ye bracket me vodka, gin wagahra hai wo, sprite thi nahi to coke he daal diya"

Me - "Sprite???????? (i spelled out) S P I R I T S"

Waiter - "Yes, thi nahi, sorry sir, naya join hua hu, per cola daal di na us ki jagah"

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