Iqbal, Galib and Sahib

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Whatsapp conversation in our Mumbai Friends Group, which was aptly named as 'Weekend Shayarc**ds' at that time, eventually it doomed; but this particular one is when the glory was at it's pinnacle -

Savio Mendoza

Iqbal says -
Udne de in parindo ko azaad fiza me Ghalib...
Jo tere apne honge wo laut aaenge kisi roz...

Ghalibs reply to Iqbal -
Na rakh Umeed-e-wafa kisi parinde se iqbal
Jab par nikal aate hai apne bhi aashiyana bhool jate hai...

Me -

Sahib's(thats what I call myself when I write) reply to Galib and Iqbal -
Per to penguin k bhi nikalte hai, kehne ko wo bhi parindey hote hai, waha ki ummede tum kyu parindo se lagate ho, koyal se mohabbat kar k kingfisher pe aa jaate ho

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