Desi Guide To Drinking

Sunday, March 15, 2015

सिमरन औफ - Smirnoff

लेज़र - Lager

ड्राट - Draught

छोटी वाली बियर - Pint

कोरी बरफ - On the rocks

पैक - Peg

पटियाला पैक - 90 ML

चखना - Munching

पव्वा  - Quarter

अध्धा - Half

खम्बा -  A full bottle, usually.

अंग्रेजी - Imported & IMFL are addressed as अंग्रेजी, even Tequila, Bourbon and Scotch.

जमाजम - An Indian mocktail made from masala, lemon and thumps up.

गंगा जमना - A mix of two juices.

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