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Sunday, September 27, 2015

My friend Anang started playing badminton month back, he got addicted and got tennis elbow; this word reminded me of a friend(wont take his name). When I use to play tennis(8 years back), I usually played for hours. And suffered from tennis elbow after 3 month due to over training, this is what my friend's reaction was -

Me - "yaar haath dard ho raha hai, pareshan ho gaya hu."

Him - "kya hua."

Me - "tennis elbow hai... Rest karne bola hai."

Him(almost sarcastically smiling) - "wo to sachin ko hua tha na.... Tujhe kaise ho gaya... Wo to bade players ko hota hai."

Me - " bhai mai 3-4 hrs khelta hu roz. "

Him - "kuch bhi... Tujhe kaha se ho jayega... Faltu me."

Me - "bhai Zahir ki hamstring muscle bhi khich gayi thi..tu fast bowler hai gali mohalle ka... To kya tujhe nahi ho sakta."

Him - "sahi hai... Tennis elbow hua hai... Ha ha ha ha.... Ha ha ha ha..."

--------his insights on other things--------

Him - "Parle G ka farji ad dekha... Dunia ka sabse jyada sell hone wala biscuit... Ye USA me thori sale hota hai.... Aab tu he bata shishir, America benchmark hai... Waha nahi bik raha matlab aapki company international thore he hui.. "

Me -" India world ki 2nd most populated hai... And haan kaafi log USA rehte hai... Sahi baat hui. tabhii.. Now I understand.... USA me rehte hai isliye he ye world ki sabse populated country hui. "

He has put similar arguments for other things like hero honda doesn't sale in USA so its not world's largest bike selling company, Harley Davidson's revenue is more so it sales more bikes, told me that Jack Daniels is an American scotch...

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