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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I posted a pic on Instagram, which was in my understanding a beautiful pic, which was secular and something which can be said as a symbol of peace. The pic above; the beautiful book with golden design is The Holy Kuran. The thing kept above it is a Buddhist Singing Bowl, which monks use while they pray and it makes beautiful resonating sound, which give peace and push into the spiritual world.

As soon as I posted the pic, a friend messaged me, she was deeply offended, like I have done something terribly wrong, a blasphemy for which I deserve death and nothing else... Hey I make cartoons at times, but my name is not Charlie. I was bit shocked, as in spite being non religious I don't disrespect the book even when am not clicking, and sitting alone with it.

"how dare you! And why?" said she,"reasons are purely aesthetics based" i had to reply, "since the design color in book and the engraving on the bowl matched... Nothing else mam.", I was abused with very foul language, for which I guess if there are gods they will send thunderbolts to the speaker. Its been an year or so, we haven't talked since thine. I think am blocked by her, however I didn't try to ask sorry or mend the things. However, I was wondering what the reason could be.

A friend of mine, who share the same faith as her; while a discussion was narrated the incident by me. "You were at fault." he said, "how" was the obvious reply by me.

"See" and he chose his words very carefully... coz there is another country India has problem with, but that would be another controversial thing if he would have used that, so he used China; he said, "if flags of India and China were to be put together at the border, Chinese flag up and Indian flag down, how would you think India will react?"

Now I was shocked with his reply, as the whole premise of this all would be superiority or inferiority complex. The problem was that the Buddhist bowl was above the Book, and it depicted the victory of kafirs over the holy book, which was unacceptable. (He is a very understanding nice guy, he didn't say that much, but that was an after thought.)

This led me to musing about all permutation combination I can think of with different scenarios. We all know what happened with bowl over the book.

1. Book over the bowl -

She : “How dare you Shishir???“

Me : "it looked great that way"


He : "see" "the reason is that this depicts that this monk sect is the base of the religion, which is very offensive to us."

Me : "what the.... "

2. Book between 2 bowls -

She : “How dare you Shishir???“

Me : "it looked great that way"


He : "See" "actually this depicts that the monk sect has crushed us in between, and we are bound by them, cant move... This is really offensive."

Me : "shit...."

3. Bowl between 2 books -

She : “How dare you Shishir???“

Me : "it looked great that way"


He : "see" "actually, it depicts that the bowl which represents the monk sect is guarded by our religion... They are no watchman... This is offensive to them."

Me : "dude... I didn't saw it coming..."

4. Book and Bowl separate -

Why??? Why this separation, no I 
would have not clicked that at all, why put so thought process and think what is above and what is below.... I could have done the opposite if it looked good, the book was bigger and hence the bowl looked above it... I sometimes read Quran, no where will you find words that can dehydrate your brain. What make us so intolerant? Currently that book is on my table along with Gita, Bible, Ramayan, poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Teachings of Buddha and few dictionaries... I like the books equally, and I respect those books equally, they all give me knowledge, those who don't would be disposed immediately.

Lets be more open minded, more tolerant, should think more positively. Why search reason for being offended, when you can utilize that for reasons to smile, btw you don't need any... Just smile. 

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