Saturday, September 28, 2019

We have started our manufacturing unit of furniture back in 2015, we were very new to the business. We hired experienced managers.

Me(to the artisan): "ye puarana type ka finish karne k liye kya kar rahe ho?"

Artisan: "mari hui PP laga rahe hai."

Me: "I googled PP, it was potassium permanganate, they were mixing it with sugar. It changes chemical composition... they were calling it maari hui PP. I discussed it with my partner."

We went to a trade fair. A visitor was amazed by the antique finish. He inquired about the finish:

Visitor: "What do you do to attain this finish."

My Partner: "We kill the PP..."

Visitor: "Ooh... that's very cruel."

We all laughed.

My Partner: "Shishir ji... apan ko pehle dry run karna chahiye, first day hai..."

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