Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyu Aata Hai..??

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

While on audit to a logistic company, me n my frn Hiten were vouching and we needed printout of sales of the company to check so we approached to the head accountant -

Hiten - "sir we need sales figures"

Albert pinto - "ya, ruko abhi de dunga, detailed thori chahiye aap ko, abhi printout nikalta hu"

After sometime Pinto was not there so I told the manager for printouts, n he did proceeded the command for 'Detailed Printouts'...(papers were printing at a rapid pace) i guess 90 pages were printed and pinto came

Pinto-"oho kya print kar rahe ho sir(then in pareshan tone) "abe yaar ye 600 page ka printing kis ne dia..?? " ,

Manager(softly) - "ab inhone manga to maine de diya, tu tha nahi".....

Pinto(frustrated badly but since he is talkin to the manager) "sir detail me nahi dena tha 100 page me kaam ho jata (pulling the rim out of the printer), aap bhi sir..... fir kharcha to mujhe he dekhna padta hai..., mai yaar chote-chote cheezo ka dhyan rakhu kya",

Manager -"aab chote bol raha hai aur pareshan ho raha hai, theek hai yaar hone de print, paani pee le"

Pinto-"ha ha, haan sir(with a fake smile)..." Went of mumbling...

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