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Sunday, May 16, 2010

While audit of a real estate company, i was sitting in their conference room n was doing vouching with akshay, because it was there first year the accountant had done hell lot of mistakes and i was getting irritated and was going again and again to call him, and we were calling our boss for the rectification i have to dial 0 from there phone to get the dial tone.
Accountant - "sir, ye phone rakkha hai, 101 is direct to my desk, 102 is to manager, 100 is for reception,  pani n refreshment mangane ho to reception pe call kar dena"

After hour or so we were damn frustrated coz we called the reception 4-5 times for water and they were not sending it, dont knw why....

Akshay - "yaar ye karo na call, n jhaad k bolo saale ko"

Shishir - "hello, aare yaar paani bhejo na yaar jaldi, kitni baar bolna padta hai tum logo ko"

Reception - "kaun bol raha hai"

Shishir - "aare auditor bol raha hu"

Reception - "kaha ho"

Shishir(totally pissed off) - "aare conference hall me hai, ek min me paani ander bhej do nahi to...."

Reception - "dekh londey, tu jo bhi hai, pani wani pata nahi tujhe jaroor ander bhej dunga, 100 pe control room phone kar k bakwass mat kar"

I kept down the phone saying sorry, i had grossly mistaken by dialing '0' (dial tone) and then dialing 100, n not to the reception..........

Shishir to Akshay - "yaar 101 pe dial kar k paani ka bolta to wo log fire brigade bhej dete...shitt man"

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