The Death Of Compass

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nishkarsh had kala dhan which he cannot keep in banks n not even in cash so he decided to go on shoppin recklessly(otrwise why wil he spend)

Me, nishkarsh n ashwin were fillin the shopping bucket in Staples, phonix mills...i wanted to purchase a compass from long time...

Shishir to Ashwin: "look at the quality....ek bhi accha nai hai...check this one, its not even working"

Ashwin(joking): "battry khatam ho gai hogi yaar....dekh ye wale me hai"

Shishir: "what did u just said"

Ashwin: "aare pade pade ho jati hai....nai dalwa lena"

Nishkarsh almost fainted...his mouth was open for 2min n was reactin like he is watching live porn(ooh forgot to mention- he is a innocent kid type...he does not njoy that)...ashwin was silent for next 5min...i was laughing...and nishkarsh ko sadma lag gaya tha

Nishkarsh: "aare wo north pole....battry nai dalti....aare koi battry nai dalti...wo jo north pole hota hai na....nai battry nai dalti....aap mazak kar rahe ho...aare iska system alag hai..."

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