Future and (no) Option

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rachel(@break) : "yaar ye sir ne F and O kab karwaya FM me..?? pata he nahi chala......i  was asking sir that F and O kab hoga to sir said ho gaya kab ka"

Nimit : "haan ho to gaya yaar kab ka"

Rachel : "kab hua yaar"

Nimit : "yaar ho gaya tha...i will show you the copy"

Rachel : "Sir bole k jab futures and option hua tha na tab F and O bhi karwa diya tha ussi day"

Shishir(confused) : "yaaar ye kya bol rahi hai...." (suddenly starts laughing)

       (She was thinking that effendo is some topic in financial management)

Shishir : "ha ha ha.....yaar F and O means futures and option "

Rachel : "tabhi jab sir said that F & O jo tha wo futures k sath kara dia to me na...sab log hass rahe the"

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