The PantaLOONS

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I went to Phonix Mills, Lower parel as there was a sale.....purchased stuff from lifestyle and then headed towards Pantaloons..

Security gurd: "sir wo baggage counter full hai...aap doosre side pe deposit karwado"

Shishir: "ok"

i went inside with the polypacks of lifestyle...

Me (to the assistant) : "bhai ye baggage counter kaha hai"

Assistant(with strange looks): "Sir is naam ka koi showroom nahi hai"

Me: "Aare ye samaan kaha rakhu mai"

another assistant brings me a trolly

Me(indicating my baggage): "aare nahi chahiye trolly....(to another person) baggage counter kaha hai..."

Assistant: "ooh to samne hai"

i went to the lifestyle...kept my baggage there..n then went to pantaloons..ooh sorry pentaLOONS

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