The funny side of cricket revealed on radio.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I wanted to watch world cup match between South Africa and India but didn't have the TV so turned on radio in my mobile, India where cricket is a religion the people sitting at radio cricket commentary chairs are certainly atheist. These are some extracts of what i have been through...

->cricket commentary in quotes.

->comments on commentary in stars.

1. "Bad return...Bad overthrow rather"
*bad return on his portfolio n bad over throw is a good example of bad adjective which is redundant per se*

2."The south Africans have bought thr family members, nt only to tour the country but also to watch world cup"
*bubba u may come to India but... mind ur own business, no peeping tom required*

3. "Styne to harbajan he is bowled(is wicket k prayojak hai falana dheemka) i told u b4 he is out, he tried a cross bat pull shot but outcome was out."
*pull n hook are played cross bat...!!! OMG will wiki tht to confirm... I thought it was a batting doosra by bhajji*

4."Gend mari leg me aur field kia.....{sanjay manjerekar(whispering to him):"dumini dumini"} dumini ne"
*aap ko mahabharat ka live vivran denge sanjay aur dhratrastra...*

5. "Sanjay manjeraker has rightly predicted tht they might hit in this power play"
* hitting in power play..!!!! So naive...i predict tht they r lazy n wnt a alibi for nt  running single*

6. "its a four...if u loose ur gf u may b heart broken but if u get hit for 4 dnt let ur heart to break but work hard"
*no comments....rape me*

7. "Ppl hav come frm all ovr world n india n particularly central India, Central India is vry close to Nagpur, and they r stayin at hotel"
*wtf no camping no tents...!! Rich they r eatin at restaurants n shittin in
toilets... unbelievable*

8. "Gend waha nahi lagi jaha se mithi aawaz aati hai, ek single se santust"
*sachin is standing with a guitar in his hand...strings attached...sweet spot pe lag jati to 4 single mil jaate*

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