My Chemical Romance

Friday, April 08, 2011

I guess my quest for love will never end,
Like a non soluble which will never blend.

We all are same, but me an isotope,
Being different n lonely i lost all hope.

People laugh and ask my age,
I answer with nuke fission rage,
I say I have tried carbon dating,
& Results were devastating

They say am noble, but thats not a pride,
Periodic table also keeps me on side.

But i am catalyst to people's merriment,
Am as nitrogen or silica found in abundant.

I will b a diamond n they will realise,
Coz under the pressure i will crystallize

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9 Reactions

  1. chemical dating???

  2. Carbon Dating - the process of finding the age of anythin by measuring the amount of the radioactive carbon14 in it. (jaha tak mujhe pata hai carbon 14 is a isotope)

  3. i dont know why i wrote chemical.
    typo. not my working brains proper.

  4. u have only 2 followers.
    i feel like a dog.

  5. change ur about me.
    it makes people feel like killing u on the internet.
    be polite to urself.

  6. n FYI i have moderated the ur those comments are blocked..kaminey

  7. yeah! i could understand that.
    that's again & again i am pestering u.


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