Export Surplus

Sunday, November 27, 2011

(conversation converted in English, for the awesum hinglish effect)

I Went to a Export surplus shop  (kindly note 'Surplus' is a innuendo for 'Reject')
since prices were higher then usual, i demanded a bargain.

Shopkeeper - "Bhaiya, prices have raised by us due to the change in dollar rate...heh heh heh heh...matlab you understand na...aab this thing is out of our control......aare ramesh, Tantra k pullover bhi dikha inko "

i didn't argued him...but i thought that does he import the export surplus..?? how can dollar rate effects sales of domestic produce  in domestic market. My CA part of my mind argued 'nah.. he is claiming the opportunity loss' but then they were rejected and he lost his opportunity to export, that is why he is selling them here. Any ways I bought 2 jeans, and thought that I think too much, and most importantly that he was just making up things to justify prices.

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