Soulful Sole Wanderer

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Like a bird I travel from one tree to another, searching for a place to nest, a place I can make to rest, a refuge where I can snuggle into when its dark and I don't find a way. But the winds waggle and wake me up from my cozy daydreams. Am in unrest, my wings are tired, I am all drenched, the sky seems endless, the land barren, trees lifeless, winds blowing and the weather cold. Will I ever get what I want? what if I don't want to leave....every place I go, anything I do, all my efforts are in vain, there is no one who can love me, want me like crazy, put effort to make and keep me happy, understand me, and be my world. They say what goes around comes back around, and they also say be the change you want to see in other people, I have tried my best, karma is a cat. Maybe I am a sole wanderer, from one branch to another.
    Will ever I find a place where  I get to sleep in peace and satisfaction..??

Pic by - Me :-)

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Its My Life

This is what that is going on my life, my happy/ sad memories... At times Its what my mind muses and purges out as poetry when its not thinking anything what it is forced to think!!!


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