"Look at the bright side of the sun", "damn my eyes hurt"

Monday, August 13, 2012

     Last night, I was feeling fucked up, so called up a friend and discussed a lot of topics. He said, "Shishir you have become very negative, India is a splendid country and sab all right hai. Look at the positive side of everything." I decided to give it a shot.
  I think, it is the positive side of the 2G scam that gave me cheap call rates which made me call him for some self help advice.
  He was boasting about the medal tally of India, which I found worth a face-palm. I mean if we are talking about Michael Phelps Vs India, he is right. But look at the bright side; we have our efficiency and productivity intact with us. We don't cling to the TV sets, giving open opportunity to our Bangladeshi maids to steal our stuff.
  A very good thing about the Bangladeshi immigrants is that they provide cheap labor, saving our money. While an Indian citizen might not have ration card because he migrated from Punjab to Rajasthan, since paper work processing in government office is slow and rules are rules. On the contrary, illegal immigrant will flaunt, not one but two ration cards with pride, "oodi baba mai sonday ko aaya, moanday rotion cord bonaya, I love eendiya".
  Well it’s good they are here, and earning food; saves our trouble of packing rice in sacks, and dropping them airborne to the flood friendly nation.
   Floods remind me of rains, rather I'll call it a meteor shower, If u happen to look at the roads after rains. Indians have bought the 'Land Rover' and plan to launch the 'Mars Rover'. Hence it justifies the non repaired Indian roads as the 'Mars Rover' prototype is yet to be tested under natural conditions. Probably, Indians want a fool proof plan to rule the roads of Mars. With positivity, I went to sleep. I woke up 3-4 times amidst the night, due to nightmares, but it was good healthwise coz I was taking water and a leak alternatively.
   When I woke up, I thought that generations together have suffered and sacrificed for my fellow Indians. They set apart monies in different Swiss banks as general reserve. So that one fine day we can use the cumulative amount of 7600000000000000000000000000 rupees (sorry the figure is figment of my imagination, actual figure is akin to girls facebook D.P., you look at her, fall in love, propose online, buy a gold ring, arrange a date, end up gifting her the gold gym membership..damn, the example is wrong. fatter figure is the positive side of the treasure trove.)
   Money reminds me of currency notes, who the hell was making hue and cry over the currency notes smuggled from Pakistan via Nepal? Who? I suggest wind up the note printing in India and send them the original dies. Let them make good quality original notes and save the cost of printing it here. Make a proper network with ISI, save their trouble of sending it via Nepal. They wish to disrupt the Indian economy? Show those mofo that we are smart. Use them strategically.

  While going to the office, a diesel engine rickshaw was pumping out clouds of smoke. But the positivity struck me, I glided my bike right behind  that rick; felt like I am flying, reminded me of Shimla, of riding between the clouds... the similar awesome feeling and how I got the cough attack there, just that it was bit severe here. After I was coughing, I texted my friend -
"Dude, the positive side of being negative is that I have nil expectations. I get happy with a modicum of good thing that happens to me. The surprise of getting good is better than this Gandhari technique of curtaining oneself from reality"

PS- think positive, think rational. And when you look at anything keep all the preconceived notions apart. N bla bla bla n bla bla bla.
Don't listen to what I say, do what you feel. However if you do that, you are listening to me. It’s too complex. Never mind. Tada.

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