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Friday, December 07, 2012

Me - "bhaiya diatonic harmonica hai kya G note ki."

Shopkeeper - "haan hai"

Me - (acting innocent for discount)- "G note ki alag matlab kya hota hai."

Shopkeeper - "har note ki alag hai."

Me - "isme har note ki alag aati hai, KYAAAAA matlab C alag n C sharp alag...kitti lunga yaar. " (showing tht my expenses will shoot so i m desperate for discount.)

Shopkeeper - "nahi sharp nahi aati sirf flat aati hai."

Me - "C sharp yaani D flat...baat to ek he hui na!!!"

Shopkeeper(shocked nd unable to speak) - "hmmm."

Me (thinking - damnn...shit, y i corrected him)- "hmmm."

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