Wednesday, January 09, 2013

     Was tired of my exams and lazy schedule, in Jodhpur, 2 years of  inactivity was killing me. Like always, my plan, to go somewhere, this time Dubai, was chalked in few minutes and I got tickets very next day. It was my first international visit. I remember the words of the passport officer, when he was renewing my passport, "aaj tak 36 page kaam nahi liye, aab 60 page kyu banwa rahe ho..ha ha ha ha.". Well passport officer, F.U.

    I always wanted to visit different parts of the world, learn their language, meet different people; and then I came here, I must say that it is a one stop destination for all above mentioned desires. Till date I've met Malbari, Pakhtoon, Phillipino, Pakistani, Hydrabadi, Egyptian, Syrian, Korian. The current experience is not just mind blowing, its mind blasting ;p .

    The main problem I am facing is that I am a Marwari, not that I am bullied or hated, but that I convert price of everything I buy into Rupee. My heart says, "110rs ka nariyal pani, wo bhi road side me......1 sip 5rs ka...lut gaya re aaj to." I try to strike a conversation with anyone I see around, reason? Am lonely. Not that I am lonely because no one is with me. This loneliness has been my companion for quite long now. I carried my incompleteness along with; I was lugging the thing which never existed, and it created a empty space which cannot be filled, as there is no space ab initio.The place is full of Indians, they are in majority; when I see a Arab, I feel 'oh! Tourist'. Its funny thing that Indians in India want everything imported, here 'India made' is hailed; we take everything for granted. One interesting thing is that as a north Indian you will gel easily with a Pakistani, than a south Indian; not that people from south are not friendly, they are indeed very simple, innocent and kindhearted. Dubai is the example that a Indians can follow rules, given clean city we won't litter, and given proper administration and strict compliance can prosper in peace and with pace. I LOVE DUBAI(status quo).

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  1. ha ha ha ha .... I'm marwari.... ha ha ha that was cute honest


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