Well Suited Jobs For Famous People

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rahul Gandhi - Modeling. We all have a prejudge that models are
brainless and they are good at looking. Well we should not divert to
the notion here, judging by looks, rahul has perfect killer looks for
what it takes to be a face model.

Narendra modi - Chief of planning commition. As opposition calls him
feku, and good at planning only, we should make him head of planning
commission. Plans will be layed by him, and if the ruling party is
developmental the risult would be what India needs badly.

Digvijay Singh - defence minister, he is best at one thing, defending
assholes, the country which votes on basis of religion/caste/coz a
celeb said so is a country of assholes. Imagine Pakistan accusing
India of something and Digvijay replying with "you are an USS Agent",
imagine USA saying anything to India and diggi asking about the number
of muslims killed in war against terrorism.

Baba Ramdev - Yoga instructor, babaji is the person who brought back
the yoga culture to Indians, before that yoga was either for rich
people who followed the american love for yoga or to people who were
arya samaji. Baba should leave all political ambitions aside and focus
on what he is good at.

Ashok Gehlot - Tomato Marketing Agent, current CM of Rajasthan, only
good at giving free stuff in lieu of votes, but thts a job we have too
many candidates lining. Let me tell you a story about Gehlot, when
people came to him asking for money, he said "Tamater Khao(eat
tomatoes)" (must b non election season), villagers were perplexed, but
he meant - "kama kar khao(earn your living)" although its a joke, but
he can be used a marketing guy selling tomatoes.

Salman Khursheed - Tourism minister, The way he said ""ek baar aa k to
batao meri constituency me" although it was a comment which only a low
brained gunda can give, but that had and effect, people gathered on
mass scale.

Kejrival - usko logo ko follow karna chahiye.... I mean he should follow his logo properly.
The best job for Kejru will be complaint department. He is good at whining only.

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