Meditate... Meditate

Saturday, July 11, 2015

A buyer of handicraft furniture was introduced to me by a friend. He bought some stuff from me, I took him to a friend's factory where he purchased stuff from him too. We were happy, I was buying gifts for the buyer -

Buyer (text) - "I am sorry Caesar, I have to cancel the order. Its not in my budget."

Me (to self) - fuck man... I am screwed... Things are manufactured. I can do nothing.

Me (to Hiten) - "bhai... Dimag ka *beep* ho gaya hai... Kya batau tujhe..."

Hiten - "to yoga karo.... Meditate... Tension lene se kuch nahi hota... Mast raho yaar."

Me - "aab mai bolu? Mera order cancel ho gaya... Jisme tere se liya hua samaan bhi tha... Usne cancel kar diya."

Hiten - "hain..... Shit man... Abbe..."

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