Air Filled Vaccume

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My last vaccume cleaner was broken by a stupid mechanic, actually it was my stupidity that I gave it to the person who serviced my AC. I called the eureka forbes, only company I know, also I trust Tata as a brand. The guy came -

Guy - "hello sasir sir, we have the best vaccume cleaner, I will soe you."

Me - "I know, just tell me the attachment and price."

Guy - "sir tenology badal chuka hai poori tarah."

Me - "kya badla hai yaar pehle bhi vaccume cleaner tha, aaj bhi wali hai yaar.... Chai loge?"

Guy - "sir vaccume... Jaisa ki aap jante hai hawa ko kehte hai.... Kaam ye usi ko leta hai... Safai hawa se he karta hai... Per iski nayi motor........haan chai chalegi... Iski nayi motor aab pehle se bhi jyada dumdaar aur power saver hai."

Me(almost mumbling) - "nahi lena...."

Guy - "kya hua sir... Aaisa bhi nahi badla... Pehle se badhiya hai."

Me - "mujhe LG ka lena hai.... Ye accha nahi hai. Sorry.. "

Guy - "sir ye wahi pehle wala he hai... Motor ka naam he badla hai... Hota to wahi hai... Mai demo deta hu."

Me - "bhai baad me kabhi."    (I blocked his number.)

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