Saturday, March 12, 2016

I was working as a CS at Aditya Birla. The office was till 7 pm, but do work pressure we 4-5 people stayed late. To boost productivity I started music on my phone, it was Avicii on the floor that night. Usually lala companies don't have the 'do what you want, until m getting what I want' openness. Boss came in don't know from where...

Wadia Mam (surprised) : "Who is playing that???? whats goin on."

Me (standing up slowly inside the cubicle and pointing towards my colleague, she was sitting on the table in cross leg aka 'aalti palti') : "She did mam... she did..."

Komal (Surprised) : "whatt... grow up n take responsibilities."

Me (nodding in no) : "ok... you are now my responsibility."

Komal : "mam...its his phone."

Me : "in my defense... she asked me to play Saadi k Fall Sa..."

Mam : "My team... passing the blames like they always do...dont panic... its ok baba... but if you could play The Beatles till am here... I dont get this dhim chick dhim chik..."


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