Siri I Love You

Friday, June 02, 2017

We were in between a night out, food was ordered from a new app called 'eaton'. Somehow topic of google vrs Apple surfaced. Now this topic is never ending and Apple user have one mother of all logic ready with them "apple to apple hai bhai".... We thought lets settle this argument in a more grownup way, we tested siri n google assistant.

Shashank : "Ok dominos."

Google Assistant : "calling dominos."

Shashank : "bitch my phone doesn't have nunber of dominos jodhpur.... it searched on net n dialed."

Me : "hey siri... call dominos jodhpur."

Siri : "sorry you dont have any contact by that name.."

Me : "hey siri is shashank a chu****."

Siri(dnt knw wht it understood, ph was snatched after it.) : "yes shishir."

We all burst into laughter..... it was proved that siri is awesum.

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