Last Bench Association

Saturday, July 08, 2017

This is an old memory, dates back to 2010 I guess, we were at tuitions and some people from some computer class came to advertise there classes there...

They had just began to speak - 

Trainer - "So we will start the demo, anyone with a query can raise their hand like a gentleman, and he will be answered."

after 20 seconds I raised my hand, I was sitting somewhere at 2nd last bench...

Trainer(Taking me as a disturbance) - "We have just started, just wait for some time."

after 20 seconds of that, I raised my hand again... That guy royally ignored me.

I raised my hand again after 10-15 seconds.

Trainer - "We have just started sir, can you please wait for some time all your queries will be answered."

Me - "But I just wanted to say that your voice is inaudible here, can you please speak a little louder?"

Everyone laughed... he scrolled to the first slide.

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