Being Particular

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I have a reputation for being particular & specific. Which I guess is a good thing, however at time it's annoying. I have friends who are just opposite of this.

Ankit : "Bhai mujhe office k liye table chahiye."

Me : "Kya size chahiye tujhe, and kis type ki chahiye?"

Ankit : "Tu to de de jaisi bhi ho, bas badhiya ho."

Me : "Bhai, with drawer without drawer, top size 5 by 3 ya 4 by 2, badhiya ka matlab to subjective hai..kuch to batayega na."

Frnd : "Arre tu kisko bol raha hai... ye pagal hai faltu baaten karta rehta hai... Ye kaisa wo kaisa, iska dimag he kharab hai, seedha de de na, technical kyu ho raha hai."

Me : "Bro preferences hoti hai, mai banwa dunga fir kya matlab."

Friend : "Aree tu jaane de, doosro lo correct karna n detail me jana yahi tera kaam hai....chor tujh se nahi hoga, haan to mai kya bol raha tha, to Thailand me mujhe club me jo boxer hota hai na us ne nikal diya."

Me : "Bouncer."

Friend : "Kya?"

Me : "Mai bol raha tha boxer khathatnaak hote hai club me."

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