Vacation pe kaha? NY ya USA?

Monday, April 01, 2019

Went out with an overseas client & his acquaintance. This incident is funny and I can empathize with him, let's agree that we all try to be pretentious in some or the other way.

Guy: "I will have bourbon, mujhe bourbon ya wine he pasand hai Shishir Ji."

Me: "Jim Beam le aao sir k liye."

Guy: "Nahi Jim Beam nahi. Mmmmm... Burbon nahi hai kya. Accha, nahi hai to koi scotch le aana."

Me (bewildered at the profound discombobulation regarding a pinpointed choice) : "Scotch me koi preference."

Guy: "Nahi koi bhi chalegi scotch ya whiskey."

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