Saturday, April 06, 2019

I despatched showcases, somehow it got tagged with name of owner of the palace, instead of management. The Owner had no idea about it somehow, so he called the number on envelope. We are namesake btw.

Him : "Hello, this is Shishir from #### palace."

Me : "Hello, Shishir from Kernig Krafts."

Him (after a pause of 2 seconds) : "Ya Shishir... so you are from Kernig Krafts. I have a problem, I received a parcel from your company, I didn't order anything."

Me : "Yes, sir. We have sent it to you, it was ordered by Mr. Dhawal, for you."

Him : "Oooh Dhawal kya... No but I don't know who is Dhawal. And may I also know your name?"

Me : "Sir its for the jewellery display you wanted to set up for the palace. And my name is Shishir."

Him : "Shishir.. Now it all makes sense.. so I am also Shishir and you are also Shishir. Jewellery unit I ordered, kool. Nice talking to you Shishir; Nice name btw"

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