What Are Friends For???

Saturday, July 13, 2019

There is no purpose of friendship, as the purpose will dissolve the friendship. I am lucky to have friends from all walk of life, who live in different geographical location and best part is that they all have very contrasting back stories. Some have taught me art forms, from some i've learned to enjoy; and few that have given me the best life lesson, willingly or unwillingly. With them, I've changed a lot in last 10 years, from a overly excited, impressionable, I don't care what they think, laughing at everything I saw; Now obviously I know more, now I talk less, am more confident, and even if I care, I don't wear my heart on sleeves and don't push anyone when I feel I should do it for their benefit. 

For people like me,  I guess we empathise a lot more than required. Putting ourself in their shoes, we mentally feel their pain and don't want to abandon. Personally i've been a guy who wanted to change the world bit by bit, stopping by every broken car, caring for small things with many times going out of the way; the universe respond with kindness and abundance that is for sure. 

It irks when someone is cynical and finds motives, next time I stop and guy asks my name, I don't answer; next time I see a flaw in friends theory that can give him loss, I keep mum for I don't want a tag of being judgemental; next time I see someone in despair, I give them a rain check so as they don't cal me a sadist. I have my own agenda in life, better stick to that. But but but... When I get a call from the person who helped me in my low, when I recall that ride when we were stuck and uncle helped us, when I remember how one day a trekker offered me bottle of water at 12000ft at a barren mountain top, where water was km away. I feel so small, I smile and try to become like that. What are friends for, if we cant take ridicule of that person we care. Watching Kabir Singh, I thought its not the movie about the love of the guy and the girl, it's about friendship; what are friends for?

Don't get disappointed by supposed shallowness of few, they have their own story, own upbringing and own way of life; if you have empathy, understand them.

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