How Many In a Dozen???

Friday, August 02, 2019

So I was talking to a client regarding the seating capacity of his restaurant, at times when we are too deep into conversation and applying our brains, we tend to question the obvious.

Client: "I want to maximize the seating."

Me: "Yes, I guess here we can fit 3 seaters, here single-seater; standing tables will maximize the space in the balcony, smokers don't usually sit. What say you."

Client: "So, three-seaters... I guess 20 will come. So Shishir, how many people will a three-seater accommodate?"

Me: "A three-seater here usually accommodate three people. If we are talking about Mumbai local, then its a different issue altogether sir."

Client: "No no no no... I mean... am sucha silly guy... so done... we will have this."

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