Khan From The Epiglottis

Saturday, August 03, 2019

Somebody with reference called me up for his furniture requirement.

Client: "Hey, need some furniture, Amit ji in Delhi gave me your reference. Can you send me the rate of the items, I shall share on WhatsApp."

Me: "Sure."

He wahstapped me. Saw the images they were quite costly designs. So I quoted accordingly. I had to save his number, so checked his name in Whatsapp. It was 'Rahul Khan', I was a tad surprised to see the name-surname combination. His reply came back as, 

Khan: "Dude, it's costly then I expected."

Me: "Khan sahab, design he aaisa hai, itti carving hai, kya kare."

He called me up immediately.

Khan: "Bro, this is 5th time someone referred me as khan, why so???"

Me: "Coz your name in Whatsapp is Rahul Khan, saved by you, sir."

Khan: "ok... thnx."

He disconnected the call. His text came after a while.

Khan: "Dude, I was writing Rahul Khandelwal, may a call came and it was restricted to Khan..."

Me: "Lol, doesn't make any difference to the rate."

Rahul: "No but I was confused at first 2-3 times, why is the guy talking about some Khan guy to me which have the same requirement as mine."

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