Bye Bye Plane

Thursday, September 05, 2019

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I and Nandita were returning from Gangtok, we had booked tickets well in advance. With us, there was my best friend Anang Tatia and Nidhi. We were at the airport 2 hrs early as Anang had his flight prior to us.

After eating, taking selfies we departed. He went for frisking and we went to the counter.

Indigo: "We don't have any flight by this number... wait, the date is March 23, 2019... I think...OMG."

Me: "(Almost panicking.) OMG, I need new tickets asap, my connecting flight from Delhi. "

I ran, but couldn't find cellphone network or flight ticket at the counter. Booked for Ahmedabad, it was after 2hrs. I was sitting, was down with 25,000.00 per new ticket. I got a call from Anang.

Anang: "Bhai uper dekh, I can see you bhai...(I saw he was waving.)"

Me: "Bhai meri flight delayed hai 1hr k liye."

If I would have told him the actual story he would have come running no matter what, to laugh at me like a crazy.

What are best friends for? of not laughing at your smallest misery. I would have done the same to this asshole.

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