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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

     What is GMCS, truely speaking I don't even know its full form. Being a CA student it was part of my curriculum to do a 15 days course which involves interpersonal skills crap. So I thought why not go to some other city to do that, will at least njoy the city.
Me, Sheetal and Anish registered and went to Pune via road. It was a awesum road trip. As we reached there and entered the service apartment, we felt awesum, pune was looking good and we were exited.  We went to the place of training in the evening with a notion in mind that Arora hotel is a 5 star hotel and we have our GMCS set up there. We were disspointed to know that it was in same wing and the class was nothin like 5 star. A small room in a building which has a ram bharose lift service.
  Very next day, we got ready, wearing tie, office attire was looking good, and we were confident about one thing - pune has awesum crowd. As soon as we went in, all eyes were on us, people were in sports wear, flip flops. Afrer I setteled, I silently pulled out my tie, did a face palm and looked at my pals. They were equally disappointed. In the lunch time we were in dilemma to leave the gmcs n do it from some place other then this, as pune was my idea I was blamed for this. We didn't leave, and thought that we will be the bear gills of this tour, will somehow find the ways to have fun.
The problem we all have mostly is that we expect to much from life, expectation kills joy. As our expectation vanished, we saw wht was there. Advani sir is one hell of awesum person, it was our good luck that we were not alloted different center in pune. The friends we have made, I feel like they are my friends from eternity. The place which we were despising, is the place I now miss badly and want to go again. Advani mam, who can look into your soul in a glance changed me a lot in a very positive way.
GMCS to me is the place where you find hidden treasure, like a tomb raider game. GMCS was the best experience I had in my whole CA course, I wish it was twice a year thing.

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  1. Please revert me with the registering process and website, centre and accommodations. I have a deadline. And I cannot find it in my city. Please mail to my address
    Thanks in advance!


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